Broadley Automotive
Under the bonnet
Using the original body moulds, jigs and fixtures, acquired back in 1988, Broadley Automotive is the only company that can reproduce an accurate classic car. The bodies and chassis are from the original tooling, drawings and specifications.

All cars complete a shake-down test to ensure all systems and mechanicals are operating correctly, unless car is a rollerless engine as a special order. Various engine choices that reflect the historic period are available, all fresh and new units.

Like all things, time and technology changes our lives. In racing, the equipment and safety regulations inevitably evolve to the good. Aligning these cars to new safety and equipment regulations requires care and consideration for the cars’ history and conformity. Broadley Automotive has evolved several aspects of these cars to keep up-to-date with these technological improvements. For example, we manufacture an uprated version of the LG600 gearbox with a stronger case and gear cluster with the latest bearings. We cast Girling brake calipers to their original exterior dimensions and appearance, then machine and assemble them with the latest piston and seal technology. This increases their durability and capability to improve safety.

Other evolutionary improvements include an option facility for electronic data measurement and collection, as well as pit-to-driver communication systems. Visually, these improvements are hardly noticeable, but reflect our commitment to continuous improvement in the product to increase the owner enjoyment, while at the same time, considering the original nature of the cars and compliance with FIA requirements.

Other options are available by special order. Colour choices in impregnated gel-coat, white gel-coat ready for paint, or complete paint to customer specifications and artwork if required. Cars are shipped individually in a closed container and body is covered in 3M Vinyl. Door-to-door service available with loading and unloading the only two ‘touches’ of the finished car. Delivery time from date of order approximately 14 – 16 weeks.

If you would like to own one of these beautiful cars, contact us via phone or email for further information. We will build your car to order.