Broadley Automotive
About us
Broadley Automotive Ltd builds and supplies many of Eric Broadley’s classic racing cars from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s to the Classic/Historic Racing community worldwide. We support the drivers and owners of these cars ensuring they can continue to compete in the historic motorsport world.

The cars
The following models are available to order. Further models will be available soon.

T70 Mk II Spyder
T73 Mk III Coupe 
T76 Mk IIIB Coupe
T160 Can-Am

Occasionally we have a car in stock. Check here for details
The legacy
From very humble beginnings, Eric’s enthusiasm for motor racing, introduced to him by his cousin Graham in 1954, led him to innovations in design that displaced the likes of Elva and Lotus from the top of the podium to a distant second. Years of dedication has brought us some of the most iconic racing cars in the world and champions of their time.