The T73 Mk3 Coupe
Based on the potent Can-Am challenger, the T73 Mk3 Coupé could be seen as the GT40 replacement. That is because Eric Broadley was watching the first GT40 win at Le Mans in 1967 and he was involved with the car since its inception.
Like the GT40, the T73 Coupé used a mid-mounted American V8 in a thoroughly European chassis. Unfortunately the model was up against The Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512M which were in another league. Aerodynamicist Tony Southgate was responsible for the new sleek body which was much more efficient than the GT40 and the T73 could reach a top speed of 200 mph on the Mulsanne straight at Circuit De Sarth. This new Coupé body was made to follow Group 4 regulations which required minimum production of 50 cars and Lola nearly had produced enough Mk1 and Mk2 cars to homologate the Chevrolet-powered version. Several were used during the filming of the classic racing film, Le Mans, including one of the camera cars and also take part in the film as they used actual race footage.
Length 196” (4,978mm)
Height 37.4” (950mm)
Width 72” (1,830mm)
Wheelbase 95” (2,410mm)
Front Track 54” (1,372mm)
Rear Track 54” (1,372mm)

Aluminum monocoque in L163, L72 and NS4 aircraft spec materials
Monel solid rivets throughout, minimal use of blind/pop rivets
Steel fabricated pick-up points for suspension and structural members
One piece roll-over bar intergrated into chassis structure
Fully epoxy-bonded throughout

Made from original moulds
One-piece nose and tail sections
Headlight, tail-lights and covers included
Ancillaries - rear view mirrors, nose deflectors, adjustable rear gurneys and front nose dive planes  

Unequal length upper and lower wishbones
Cast magnesium alloy uprights
Coil-over adjustable Koni dampers
Fully adjustable
Adjustable anti-roll bar

12” ventilated discs with Girling four piston hydraulic callipers
Brake cooling ducts fitted
Twin Girling master cylinders with cockpit adjustable brake balance
Instrumentation and Electrical
Stack tachometer/data display
Smith gauges and waterproof aircraft spec switches
Oil press; oil temp; water temp; fuel pressure displayed
Rear gearbox driven alternator
Complete fused circuits
12v ignition system with high output coil

Wheels and Tyres
15” Dia x 10.5” wide front magnesium alloy
15” Dia x 12” wide rear magnesium alloy
Dunlop treaded tyres

Engine/Transmission Installation
Four into one stainless steel with collector and tailpipe
V8 Chevrolet and Aston Martin engines
Setrab oil coolers and aluminum water radiator    
Aeroquip hoses and fittings
Hewland LG600 gearbox, magnesium alloy, five speed and reverse  
Sliding universal joints
Gearbox cooler